Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget Tuesday will be a day where I hunt down a nice alternative to an item that would normally require the sale of a left leg and 3 fingers. I mentioned in my last post that I'm making over my dining room table and I really need to find some chairs that will go with it. Unfortunately the chairs suffered a sad fate at the hands of my younger cousins that had the dining room set before me. Only one has survived and honestly, it scares me. The cherry wood table and chairs had been stripped at one point in the 80s and I'm afraid the process left the wood a little brittle. Teenage boys + brittle wood, well you do the math. Also, I don't know why my aunt stripped a cherry wood table but it was the 80s and that light oaky look was popular. I won't hold it against her, she always gives the best presents from her garden...she makes herb scented oils and all kinds of other homemade goodies! Here are some fantastic IKEA chairs that would be a great alternative to the Bertoia Side chair. Unfortunately I can no longer find them on the IKEA website, but I'm hoping some will pop up out there in internet space one day!

Here is the beautiful Bertoia chair that runs $539.00, plus $150 for a cushion. I'm pretty sure you're going to need the cushion, that is of course unless you like playing checkers on your backside. (I guess I'm assuming you will wear pants and that should help a little.) If you would like to buy this lovely and a few of it's friends check out All Modern. Just make sure you wipe the slob off your face before you leave the computer.

Here is the nice alternative from IKEA that retailed for $49.99. The Solvar chair has a similar shape but obviously the materials are completely different, but still will give a nice look with a low back. I also love the white legs! Oh Internet Gods, please let an Ebayer or Craiglister be kind and gift us their unwanted chairs. 

Check out this paint job that was featured in Martha that someone did on the Solvar chairs! Awesome!

Well, there you have it. It's hard to beat a chair priced at $50 that looks good and overall I'd say if you have a beer budget this is a fair compromise...now IKEA, bring this puppy back! 


  1. Little kids a fine furniture do not mesh. I think I will continue to fix my stuff up on the cheap until they all grow up. Then, when I have a zillion grandkids, I will go to their house.

    1. Excellent plan! Once I get my floors "fixed" up we are going to a no shoe policy too!

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  3. I just noticed there was a repy button hahaha. Still figuring out the blog...at least I got an ok banner put together. ;-)


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