Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recipe Wednesday: Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

There are so many recipes for stuffed cherry tomatoes out there, but this is one of my favorite and it does not involved dealing with a piping bag! I'm not so good with the piping bag.

Slice off the tops of your cherry tomatoes, scoop out the guts with a teaspoon and add your filling. There are a million variations on this type of filling, but for the above tomatoes I choose thin sliced honey ham and thin sliced baby Swiss cheese. Any meat/cheese combo you like will do, just make sure to ask the deli dude to slice it thin! Mix a little yellow mustard and mayo together, I like a little more mayo than mustard but you can adjust to your tastes and spread between the meat and cheese. Roll and slice a little taller than the tomato. Than just cram your roll into the mater! Top with a sprig of dill or some other green....they need a little green...we all need a little green in our lives! One more tip, I put these on a grooved plate so they don't roll around, but if you don't have a plate that will work they will stay still by just slicing a tiny bit off the bottom of the tomato. Easy Peasy!     

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