Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hot Mess to White Hot, Dining Room Table Makeover!

This is my inherited dining room table. She's very traditional, she's old, she's seen children grow up, and many grandchildren, she's been the place for pancakes and birthday cakes. She was even set on fire once at a party my grandparents had. Apparently a candle that was under a ceiling vent burned down a little too quickly only to catch the table cloth on fire. A helpful guest dumped the punch bowl on her! She has a small blemish from the fire...OK, it's really a medium blemish but a dinner plate covers it. She was also once like Michael Jackson, much darker in her youth. Solid cherry but my aunt lightened her up in the 80's. She was passed to another aunt and eventually to me. Only the bench and one chair survived. To say she's been road hard is an understatement! But I think there is new life in the old gal yet. I have big plans for her, starting with a paint job.

Nevermind all the "decor". I'm ridding myself of a rustic adventure I took when I lived in Arizona. Some things will get makeovers, some thing will be given away or Craigslisted. The Windsor chairs will be replaced with something clean and modern eventually. Of course I would love these, or these, or these!
 Oh yes, and this is Pippa the Poodle.

I first primed the old girls legs.

Then the top. I used a small fine roller that you would use on doors and kitchen cabinets. She got a couple coats of semi-gloss paint.

I plan to paint the bench and make a cushion with a few pillows. I really doubt the bench will stay with the table. I'd like to get 6 chairs and possibly move the bench over by the front door.

For now the bench needed a little padding as it's very uncomfortable. I'm still looking for a fabric I like. The quilt and pillow will be returned to their rightfull space after I get that figured out.

It just feels so much fresher in here. The dining room was a bit of a project dumping ground before.

The dreaded light fixture that's hanging way to high thanks to the previous owner. I hung these shell stars off it so I hate it a little less until we can replace it.

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