Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Makeover: Little Miss Muffet Getting A Spooky Makeover!

Last year I did a painting of Little Miss Muffet and she hangs between the dining room and living room. I'm hear to inform everyone that Little Miss Muffet or as we call her "Muffy", will not be taking any guff off of that pesky spider this year. He'll have to exercise his intimidation tactics elsewhere. You see, Muffy will be sporting a spooky mask that's shaped like a bat. I got the idea from this photo on where else, Pinterest. I just loved the witches hat on this portrait, but wanted to give it my own twist!

Here is Muffy's before shot...

And now with her mask!

I used a glittery black card stock from Martha Stewart Crafts. I just put a piece of printer paper over Muffy's face and drew a shape that I thought would be good and work around her large eyes. A little low adhesive tape for the back and that's it. I'm thinking about doing a witch hat for her next year! What a fun way to put a little Halloween spirit in your home. I only wish I had more framed portraits to decorate, now that I'm thinking about it, this girl would look good with some bolts on her neck too! Oh boy, stop me before I get carried away!

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