Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CTBB Tuesday!

It's Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget Tuesday and Aunt Peaches has given a whole new meaning to "beer budget" with a little tutorial on recreating a modern masterpiece.

While I'm putting the dining room back together and trying to decide what to put on the table and maybe re-hang some artwork it got me thinking about my current chandelier. In a word, it's dated, in two words, it's ugly and dated, and in a full sentence, I can't wait to get rid of this THANG that is hanging WAY to high, and screams I live in the middle of America where if you want anything good you have to travel to a big city or order it on the internet...OR, make it yourself? YUP I'm seriously thinking about making a chandelier myself. It's not that the Tord Boontje Garland shade is so expensive, but if there is one that you can DIY yourself for under $5 it may be worth a try! Maybe it will look like a $5 shade, but maybe it will be awesome...lets face it, it can't get much worse. Ok, it could get a lot worse, but my current light fixture is just not my style.

First here is the beautiful Tord Boontje shade. Say that three times fast. I love that it's modern, yet feminine, and certainly very interesting. Plus it would look pretty sweet over my new white dining table!

Next I will show you my light...or the best photo I have of it...you don't really need to see more than this, and I also covered it with Halloween decorations last year....anything to deflect.

Hope to say goodbye to this thing in the near future! If you want to try your own Garland Shade go visit Aunt Peaches for the tutorial. I'm not sure if I'll try my own version of this, because honestly the real deal is not that expensive, but it is tempting!

Not bad for just a few bucks!

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